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    Andy Cohen reflects on ‘being dad’

    Andy Cohen reflects on ‘being dad’

    Andy Cohen weighed in on parenting, adding that it “changed him completely.”

    Speaking to CBS, the media mogul said, “Your mom loved that Peggy Lee song, ‘Is That All There Is?’ That’s where I was. I was approaching 50, and I heard that song in my head. I was like, ‘There’s gotta be a greater purpose for me. This is wonderful, and I absolutely love it. But there has to be a greater purpose.'”

    “Parenting, he continued, “has changed me in every way. I mean, I think my priorities have completely shifted. I think my sense of accomplishment has totally changed. And even just getting your kids breakfast and getting them out to school, when I drop him off at school, I’m like, ‘You did it, dude! That was a rough two-and-a-half hours, you know?'”

    Further, the Bravo host also revealed his ups and downs of parenthood.

    “If I spend three hours with Ben, and then I have to go to work, you know, you’re at work, and you’re like: Did I spend enough time with Ben today? If Ben tells me that I’m his best friend or he grabs for my hand to hold it, or he cuddles me extra tight, I mean, there’s not gonna be a bigger win in my day than that.”

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