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    CITI to host Textile Sustainability Awards 2024 at Bharat Tex Expo

    The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) has announced the launch of the highly anticipated Textile Sustainability Awards 2024. These awards aim to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in sustainability within the Indian textile industry. The prestigious accolades will be presented in two distinct categories, offering textile mill owners and industry stakeholders an opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability practices.

    CITI Birla Economic and Textile Research Foundation Awards 2024 will specifically recognise textile mill owners for outstanding efforts in adopting eco-friendly and sustainability practices. Categories include ‘Best Practices in Social Responsibility & Green Practices’ and ‘Innovative Material Management in Textile Mills’, highlighting the significance of research and innovation in driving sustainable change within the sector.

    Confederation of Indian Textile Industry has launched the Textile Sustainability Awards 2024, recognising sustainability in the Indian textile industry.
    Awards include categories like ‘Best Practices in Social Responsibility & Green Practices’ and ‘Innovative Material Management in Textile Mills’.
    The ceremony will be held during Bharat Tex 2024 in New Delhi.

    The Textile Sustainability Awards 2024, open to a broad spectrum of industry participants, invites brands, MSMEs, manufacturers, and retailers to apply. Categories include ‘Recyclers’, ‘Best HR Practices’, ‘Best Alternate Materials Use’, ‘Sustainable Retail Practices’, and ‘Women Entrepreneurs – Sustainability, Circularity, Social Impact’. This inclusive approach acknowledges the diverse contributions of entities across the supply chain in fostering sustainability and environmentally responsible practices.

    Interested companies are encouraged to submit their applications by February 14, 2024, through the user-friendly application process available on the official CITI website. The evaluation will be conducted by a distinguished panel of industry experts, assessing entries based on predetermined criteria such as environmental impact, resource efficiency, and social responsibility, CITI said in a press release.

    The grand culmination of the awards will take place at a prestigious ceremony during the Bharat Tex 2024 event at Bharat Mandpam, New Delhi, on February 27, 2024. The event will bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and sustainability advocates to celebrate the strides made by the textile industry toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

    Rakesh Mehra, chairman of CITI, expressed his enthusiasm for the awards, stating, “The Textile Sustainability Awards 2024 are designed to inspire and recognise the commendable progress achieved by the Indian textile industry in embracing sustainability. We strongly urge all eligible organisations to join in, participate, and impart their transformative narratives to us.”

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