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    Comedy Is in Their (Identical) DNA

    “When everything was shut down, I would walk on the trail most days and I just was walking around and thinking about them,” she recalled. “And I don’t know why, but I just kept being obsessed with the idea of them driving a truck full of pennies through the desert.”

    She sent the twins a direct message on Instagram, which led to a video meeting, which led to writing and making “Pennies From Heaven” together. Now, they are working on a feature-length version of the film, a process which the twins balance with their day jobs as a nanny (Annabel) and a barista (Sabina), and “Triplet Auditions,” their monthly show in Brooklyn.

    “We always joke that every set of twins, there’s a dominant one,” Ms. Honig said. “We were saying Sabina feels like the more dominant one, and Annabel is the more emotional goofball.”

    Annabel will often go full-throttle and a bit more “blue” onstage (as Sabina put it), while Sabina tends to rein things in. At the Gowanus show, for example, Annabel made lewd jokes about Sabina’s wisdom tooth surgery, and Sabina called her a pervert. Their stage dynamic is very close to their real-life rapport. “When they talk to each other, it feels like watching someone’s internal monologue,” Ms. Honig said.

    Maya Sharma, a comedian and the director of programming at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective, said the Meschke twins were unique not only in the “Energizer Bunny, Gen Z tap dance” quality of their comedy but also in their kindness as friends. “They go to everyone else’s show,” Ms. Sharma, 31, said. “They sit in the front row and they, like, cackle.”

    After spending a bit of time in their orbit, you may find yourself speaking their twin language of singsong, at a million-jokes-per-minute pace. They seem to find the magic — and humor — in everything.

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