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    Controversy surrounds West’s Vultures

    AS speculated by many, Kanye West has confirmed that his next album, Vultures, will be released in three volumes beginning Feb 9. The news was announced through an eerie trailer released on West’s Instagram account.

    Initial news back in August last year claimed the long-delayed collaborative album with Ty Dolla Sign would be a standalone release.

    In November, West released the album’s title track, Vultures, as the first single. For the entire month afterwards, the song generated controversy over allegations of anti-Semitism due to the lyrics.

    Three weeks after the single, Ty Dolla Sign revealed the album’s cover art, which caused another storm of controversy involving allegations of Nazism, as the artwork used for the cover is a painting by German artist Caspar David Friedrich, one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite artists.

    The cover art’s typography of “Vultures”, its placement on the cover and the painting’s “look” were immediately likened to another album called Filosofem, by the black metal band Burzum.

    The band’s founder and sole member, Varg Vikernes, is a convicted murderer who started a neo-Nazi group while in prison.

    Several days prior to Vultures’ release dates being announced, West was seen wearing a Burzum shirt in a picture posted by fellow American rapper JPEGMafia on Instagram.

    Just how much more controversy West has packed into Vultures’ three volumes will be seen when each is released on Feb 9, Mar 8 and Apr 5.

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