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    Karl Lagerfeld theme blamed for ‘boring’ best dressed list – live updates

    Met Gala: Stars walk the red carpet

    The 2023 Met Gala has come to a close.

    This year’s theme was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”, which aimed to “examine the life” of the late designer’s fashion legacy.

    But while many celebrities showed off their best Lagerfeld-inspired looks, viewers have branded fashion’s biggest night as “boring” due to the black-and-white ensembles that ruled the evening.

    However, an unexpected guest went viral for its red carpet appearance. A cockroach was spotted on the red carpet and photographed before being “stepped on”, leading to viewers mourning its death.

    The decision to feature the German designer so prominently has also attracted criticism given his history of controversial remarks.

    Models protested ahead of the event, with Jameela Jamil among those who condemned the choice. Concerns were also raised about his past fatphobic and body-shaming comments.

    In line with the theme, guests were informed that the “most authentic approach” for the Met Gala 2023 dress code would be “to wear an archival look from one of the labels Lagerfeld led”.

    Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, and Jennifer Lopez all walked the red carpet in line with the theme, while some stars took more creative liberties in their Met Gala looks. Doja Cat and Jared Leto, for example, arrived dressed as Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette.


    Gigi Hadid supports pal Taylor Swift at Met Gala as she reveals she’s in her ‘Reputation era’ 

    While posing on the red carpet in her all black outfit by Givenchy, Hadid was asked by reporters: Gigi what Taylor Swift era are you right now? Reputation?”

    To find out the model’s response, read more below:

    Chelsea Ritschel2 May 2023 17:30


    Blackpink’s Jennie opens up about how ‘lucky’ she was to wear Chanel dress at her first Met Gala

    Blackpink’s Jennie gushed about the opportunity to wear Chanel for her first-ever Met Gala while posing on the red carpet at the fashion extravaganza.

    “I’m wearing Chanel from the ‘90s runway,” she told host Emma Chamberlain. “I’m so lucky to have the Chanel team recreate this look, the one that Karl did. I’m just so happy!”

    Chelsea Ritschel2 May 2023 17:00


    Olivia Wilde and Margaret Zhang wear same dress to Met Gala

    With the majority of the attendees wearing tributes to Karl Lagerfeld for the event centred around the late designer, it is understandable that there was some fashion overlap, with most of the star-studded guest list choosing white or black outfits adorned with pearls.

    However, for Wilde and Zhang, this meant wearing the exact same dress in different colours.

    Chelsea Ritschel2 May 2023 16:30


    Bill Nighy confirms he and Anna Wintour are just ‘friends’

    After the Vogue editor-in-chief and her longtime friend sparked romance rumours after appearing on the red carpet together, a representative for Nighy clarified their relationship.

    Chelsea Ritschel2 May 2023 16:00


    Met Gala afterparty saw some celebrities dress more casually

    Following the glitz and glamour of the Met Gala red carpet, the star-studded guest list underwent a fashion transformation, with celebrities arriving at the afterparties in everything from sheer dresses to sweatpants in Irina Shayk’s case.

    The model arrived at the Met Gala afterparty in a white tank top and grey sweatpants, which may have been a subtle dig at Lagerfeld, who infamously alleged “sweatpants are a sign of defeat”.

    Chelsea Ritschel2 May 2023 15:30


    Cockroaches, cat costumes and a tribute to a controversial creator – it’s time to put an end to the Met Gala

    “Tedium was the least of the Gala’s problems,” writes Katie Edwards. “The main issue lay in the choice of theme for the event: Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, which honoured the ‘full work and life’ of Lagerfeld. Attendees were invited to dress ‘in honour of Karl.’”

    Chelsea Ritschel2 May 2023 15:00


    Bollywood star Alia Bhatt makes her debut at the Met Gala

    Bollywood star Alia Bhatt made her debut at the Met Gala on Monday (1 May) along with designer Prabal Gurung.

    The 30-year-old actor wore a pearl-studded couture ball gown that flowed into a long trail.

    Peony Hirwani2 May 2023 14:30


    Aubrey Plaza admonishes Jared Leto for giant cat outfit mistake at Met Gala

    Aubrey Plaza has admonished Jared Leto for making an error while dressed as a giant cat at the Met Gala.

    Jacob Stolworthy reports.

    Peony Hirwani2 May 2023 14:00


    What the Met Gala cockroach highlight says about the disappointment of fashion’s biggest night

    Numerous celebrities dressed to the nines walked the red carpet, but one party crasher made a bigger impression than anyone else.

    Peony Hirwani2 May 2023 13:30


    Doja Cat meows to every question in Met Gala interview while dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette

    During an interview with Vogue’s Emma Chamberlain, Doja Cat responded to every question thrown at her with “meow”.

    When asked who made her outfit, she replied: “Meow.”

    Chamberlain responded: “Wow, ok, so something a little different. So what was your inspiration for tonight, be honest with me, and go into detail.”

    To which Doja replied once again: “Meow, meow, meow.”

    Peony Hirwani2 May 2023 13:00

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