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    Meghan Markle accused of acting at Queen’s funeral

    Meghan Markle, who was among hundreds of mourners at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September 2022, has been accused of producing “fake tears”.

    The Duchess of Sussex, travelled to the UK along with her husband to grieve the loss of the longest serving monarch in British history, was allegedly “cried on demand” at the funeral as a “fake tears” theory went viral on social media.

    Pictures taken on the day show the former Suits actress becoming visibly emotional while outside Westminster Abbey, and tears are seen streaming down her face. 

    However, critics of the Duchess have accused her of forcefully crying in an alleged effort to appeal to the public. 

    In a video on TikTok, the mother-of-two has been criticised for looking sad while attending the funeral of her husband’s beloved grandmother, and it was claimed she’s faking her tears.

    “If you see Meghan Markle crying from her left eye, it’s most probably fake. Let me explain. When Meghan was spotted crying at the Queen’s funeral, royal fans immediately accused her of fake crying. If you closely examined Meghan’s photo taken during the funeral, the tears were coming down only from her left eye,” they claimed.

    However, some of Meghan’s fans came to her defence in the comments, and blasted the creator of the video for making baseless accusation.

    Meghan, in a video from 2014 on her old lifestyle blog The Tig, allegedly confessed she was able to cry out of her left eye on demand. When asked if she could make herself weep, she reportedly replied: “Oh I can do that so well! Oh my god it’s crazy. They’re like, Meghan, one tear, left eye, go! Give me three seconds.”

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