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    NewJeans sets first Guinness World Record

    POPULAR K-pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK have been breaking records and topping international charts for years. Now, it appears that new-generation group NEWJEANS is not far behind.

    The five-member girl group recently set the Guinness World Record for being the first group to break one billion streams.

    The record was officially set on March 8, 2023 on Spotify, just 219 days after their debut, making it the fastest achievement by any K-pop group to date.

    The group, comprising six girls; Minji, Danielle, Hanni, Haerin, and Hyein, has released a total of six songs on Spotify, including Attention, Ditto, Hype Boy, Cookie, Hurt, and OMG.

    Helping them reach the cumulative one billion streams was the song Ditto, which was streamed 313.2 million times, while OMG streamed 312.4 million times, and their latest track Zero, released just last month, has already been streamed 18 million times so far.

    While NEWJEANS is the first group to set the record, solo K-pop stars have already breached the one billion stream mark on Spotify. BTS’ Jungkook holds the record for K-pop solo male singer, while BLACKPINK’s Lisa holds the record for K-pop solo female singer.

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