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    NFL teams take schedule releases to new highs (and lows) on video

    What has 6.3 million page views (as of 10 a.m. Friday, at least) and is packed with incorrect answers?

    It’s the video schedule release for the Tennessee Titans, who took a video crew to Nashville’s entertainment hub and asked people to match team logos to the Titans’ opponents for the 2023 season.

    The result was two minutes of exuberantly incorrect answers. We really have no words that are better than the words from those who responded:

    Video releases have become a thing in the NFL, complete with teams responding to each other via their social media feeds. In this case, it was the Atlanta Falcons responding to the Titans after a nickname fail at the 40-second mark of the video above.

    Atlanta liked it enough to change its nickname — for the time being on Twitter, at least — from the Falcons to . . .

    . . . and amplify with this:

    There are others that we liked, although we will admit that our taste may not align with your taste. We’re fans of the Los Angeles Chargers schedule release as anime, for example, which features the Vikings as their Week 3 opponent.

    The Chicago Bears schedule release is a good bet to be better than the Bears this season, all the more because it features professional wrestling star Seth Rollins . . .

    . . . and comes with a blooper reel.

    What about the Vikings release video? Not quite the best in show, we think, but good enough to make the schedule-release playoffs.

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