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    Rare ‘CYCLOPS’ goat born with one eye, ‘human face and beard’ leaves villagers baffled

    VILLAGERS of Pandan Indah, Central Lombok district in Indonesia, were shocked to witness the birth of a goat with one eye and a human-like face last May 7.

    But while its sibling was reportedly born normal, this creature was something different as it appeared to have only one eye and looked almost human because of its “beard”, Kosmo! reports.

    The owner’s neighbour, Masdar Farid, told local media: “The one-eyed goat is quite strange, it does not have fur and has a somewhat strange colour.

    Because of his beard, “his face even looks like a human,“ added.

    Twenty minutes after it was born, the one-eyed goat was proclaimed dead, even though the locals had already seen it by then.

    Owner Suprapto, 30, buried the animal in the ground right away when it passed away.

    According to Masdar, many had come to visit this one eye’d goat, even from all the way from Kabul Village.

    It was reported that the goat had cyclopia, a rare impairment, according to Taufikurrahman Puanote, the head of the Central Lombok Agricultural Agency.

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