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    TV series and films affected by the Writers Strike

    PICKET lines have formed across Hollywood and New York City ever since the WGA Writers Strike began about a week ago, with many scripted projects going dark.

    It has resulted in a Hollywood shutdown not seen since the COVID era began, and not felt since the last WGA strike 15 years ago. A look at the demands shows that the WGA members are demanding an increased pay, better residuals, staffing requirements and shorter exclusivity deals; the demands are rooted in an era of increasing streaming services.

    The strike has largely affected television the most, with even late night shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show, and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight being affected.

    Streaming has also been hit. Netflix’s Cobra Kai closed its writers room just days after it began production on its sixth season. Series co-creator Jon Hurwitz tweeted “Pencils down” in solidarity.

    Stranger Things’ series creators Matt and Ross Duffer took to the show’s writers’ room Twitter account and claimed that while they were excited to start production, the strike has made it “not possible”.

    “Writing does not stop when filming begins,” the duo wrote, further adding that they hope a fair deal is reached so that everyone is able to get back to work.

    The brothers also shared a statement that production “would not move forward” on the Netflix series until an agreement is reached between the WGA and AMPTP.

    Yellowjackets co-creator Ashley Lyle tweeted that all progress on the writing for Showtime’s popular show’s third season was halted, after one day of progress.

    However, not everything was cancelled. Unlike the others in the industry, HBO’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s production for the second season will still be moving forward – but without the services of executive producers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

    On the other side of the medieval high fantasy coin, House of the Dragon seemingly avoided the writers strike altogether, as all scripts for the show’s second season had already been turned in.

    This is in contrast to AMC’s Walking Dead spin-offs. Reportedly, scripts for the shows are done, but production is still shut down.

    Beyond television shows, Disney and Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated Mahershala Ali-led Blade had its production shut down late last week. It is the first tentpole film impacted by the strike.

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