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    Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin says no to 2024 presidential bid

    Governor Youngkin Meets With Constituents In Virginia
    FILE: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin answers questions from members of the media after touring an H Mart supermarket while meeting with Asian community leaders on April 06, 2023 in Fairfax, Virginia. 

    Win McNamee / Getty Images

    Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin silenced speculation about a potential 2024 run for the presidency Monday, responding with a simple “no” when he was asked about returning to the campaign trail later this year.

    The governor was participating in a talk at the Milken Institute with Wall Street Journal editor-at-large Gerard Baker, who asked Youngkin if he planned to dust off his signature fleece vest and launch a presidential campaign. 

    “I’m going to be working in Virginia this year,” Youngkin replied, citing the Virginia state House and Senate races coming this November. Republicans currently control the House of Delegates and would like to flip the state Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.  

    “I haven’t written a book; I’m not in Iowa,” the governor said. “I’m spending time representing Virginia this year.” 

    This is the first time that Youngkin — who arrived at the California event from a trip to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea — has given a definitive answer to questions about whether he had any plans to run for president. 

    Youngkin declined to rule out a run in July last year in an interview with CBS News chief election & campaign correspondent Robert Costa on “Face the Nation.” At the time, he acknowledged being “hugely humbled by this discussion” that he might run for president and didn’t deny that some Republican donors had approached him. 

    He chalked up the attention to “the fact that I won in a state that was blue, and we turned it red,” adding, I ran on a platform that we’re delivering.”

    But at the time, he told Costa he felt his job was to be “a great governor of Virginia.” 

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