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    Tom Sandoval brands Ariana Madix ‘petty’ over refusal to accept $3.1M offer

    Tom Sandoval is accusing Ariana Madix of being ‘petty’ amid their property dispute. 

    The duo, who parted ways last year after nearly a decade together, has been entangled in legal matters, with Ariana filing a lawsuit two weeks ago to list their jointly purchased Valley Village home.

    Sandoval, in a revelation on Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast, disclosed that she turned down what he deems a fair offer for the property.

    He shared the details of his offer, indicating a proposed buyout amount of $3.1 million.

    And expressed frustration, asserting that the offer he extended was a genuine attempt to resolve the matter amicably.

    The singer, 40, countered claims that his desire to keep the house is a ‘psychopath move,’ stating, “Ariana is making it out to be that me wanting to keep the house is a psychopath move, but it’s not.”

    “She hasn’t paid a single bill for this house in eight months’ and hasn’t lived in their home for two or three months,” he continued.

    “It’s like, I’m losing at Monopoly, so I’m going to flip the Monopoly board over. That’s what it is.”

    The lawsuit outlines Madix’s preference for a ‘partition by sale,’ signaling her plea for a judge to intervene and mandate the sale of the property to facilitate the division of proceeds.

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